It was heaven.

My first real stamp came in college when I studied abroad in Seville, Spain, and I quickly added to my collection by backpacking across Europe. I was hooked on the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of travel. Fashionable heels clacking on the streets of Rome, the waft of fresh bread being prepared in a Parisian boulangerie, twinkling city lights reflected in the canals of Amsterdam.

My imagination would run wild as I pictured myself exploring the globe, collecting passport stamps left and right. 

I developed a serious case of wanderlust at a very young age, finding my inspiration between the pages of Encyclopedia Brittanica (remember those??). 

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Mary Anne Radmacher

“I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.”

In saying I do, Craig and I also committed to continue seeing the world and raising our future children to appreciate the diversity and beauty of the world.

As luck would have it, I fell in love with and married someone who was equally enamored with travel.

My greatest joy is that my three children are intrepid travelers, always ready for a new stamp in their passports!

These days, when I’m not planning our next travel adventure or flipping through the memories in our photo books, I spend most of my time chauffeuring our kids (now 15, 13, and 11) from one activity to the next. I am a perpetual optimist, early riser (mornings are my favorite time of day!), and a very competitive family game night player. I love to get outside and try to move at least once a day, whether it’s running, boot camp, barre class or a simple walk by nearby Lake Michigan.

Our vision became reality in a spectacular turn of events: Craig’s company offered the chance to move abroad. Of course, we jumped at the opportunity! So we packed up our family of 5, hopped on a plane with our 5, 3, and 1-year-old children in tow, and embarked on the journey of a lifetime. Seven years later, having lived in London, England, Toronto, Canada and Sydney, Australia and traveled to 15 countries more, we finally moved back to my hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin to put down our roots.

Those years of adventures are filled with stories that have defined the very fabric of our family. 

Soaring above Mt. Cook, New Zealand in a private plane

Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef

Island hopping in Fiji

Exploring the halls of Buckingham Palace

Playing hide-n-seek in the Colosseum of Rome

Touring the palaces of Morocco

Riding camels through the desert of Dubai

Some favorite family adventures include:

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Each of these adventures has shaped the very core of our family and opened our eyes to the vast beauty and diversity of the world.

If you are ready for your own taste of adventure, let’s chat.