You do the dreaming, I’ll handle the details.

Travel Services

First, to inspire you to dream big with your travel; and then to create a custom trip that delivers all you wanted and more. I take care of all the planning from start to finish, saving you countless hours of often fruitless research. As an independent affiliate of Brownell Travel, the oldest and most accomplished leisure travel agency in the USA, I am proud to provide my clients with a white-glove experience: curating unique experiences you didn’t know existed and securing exclusive perks and VIP amenities that delight.

My job as your advisor is two-fold:

How i work

Bon Voyage! It’s time to live the trip you’ve been dreaming of. While you are enjoying your time away, I will be working behind the scenes to make sure all is running smoothly and making adjustments as needed.

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After finalizing your itinerary, I will work to secure all reservations and bookings. All details will be double and triple-checked, so you don’t have to worry about anything beyond what to pack. I will also finalize any special requests, upgrades and VIP perks that may be offered through my partnerships. Then it’s time for you to start counting the days!

No. 3


This is where I get to work! I will use my experiences, creativity and many partners in the travel industry to create an itinerary that is perfectly tailored for you, with each detail delivering on your wishes and desires. I will recommend locations, hotels, tours and activities, involving you as much (or as little!) as you desire.

No. 2


Together, we will uncover your vision for the perfect trip through a Discover Session, either face-to-face or virtually. This is an opportunity for me to get to know you and your travel partners. I will ask about your past travel experiences, motivations for traveling, and travel preferences. My goal is to leave this session with an understanding of your unique travel dreams and goals.

No. 1


Welcome home! After you’ve had a chance to settle back into life, I will reach out to hear all about your adventure. I love to hear your stories and get any feedback on your experience. My goal is to continue learning about you and your travel preferences, so I can make your next trip even more memorable.

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What sounds like the trip of a lifetime for some may feel insufferable to others. That’s why I’ve adopted Brownell’s “Discover More” process, a collaborative experience for clients who understand that travel is more than merely taking a trip. My task is to curate an experience that honors your most treasured resource – your time away.

I know that everyone’s definition of vacation is different.

Family travel
Couples trips
Girlfriend getaways
Multi-generational travel
European tours
Luxury cruise ships


Travel Planning services

I am with you every step of the way. In the unlikely event that an issue pops up while traveling, I will be there problem-solving on your behalf. In a world of uncertainty, especially when it comes to Covid-19, I bring you an invaluable peace of mind. Rest easy knowing any issues will be expertly handled for you behind the scenes.


I take the time to get to know you. Everyone’s idea of a dream vacation is different. I work hard to understand what’s important to you and recommend locations, hotels, and extras that deliver on this.


As an independent affiliate of Brownell Travel, a member of Virtuoso and many more preferred partner programs, I have access to special perks and amenities you are not able to secure on your own (such as preferred rates and availability, room upgrades and extras like resort credits and free breakfast.)


As an experienced traveler, I bring decades of firsthand knowledge & expert research skills to the table as we work to create your dream vacation. The Brownell Travel team and I are constantly scouting the world for the best locations, hotels, excursions and tours. When you want to make the most of your most treasured resource – your time away — you simply can’t afford to make decisions based on unreliable or outdated internet reviews.


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Please ask about concierge services for restaurant reservations, tee times, show tickets, etc.


Domestic, Mexico, Canada and Caribbean flights from  $75/ticket (capped at $300/family), international flights from $150/ticket (capped at $600/family). Flight fees include schedule monitoring and 24/7 Emergency Assistance while traveling. 

Air desk:

If you know which hotel you would like to book and your dates, $50. If you need assistance researching and choosing your hotel, $100. We will book for you using our preferred status and including complimentary VIP perks and upgrades.

Hotel-Only Bookings:

Starting at $350 per week for a family to one destination and varying with number of travelers, complexity and dates. Includes full “Discover More” process and all VIP perks and amenities, where applicable. Exact quote provided after consultation.

Full Travel Planning:

Christina Smith Travel charges fees for travel advice and planning, just as you would pay an interior designer or accountant for their professional advice. These fees cover the time it takes to research and plan extraordinary travel experiences, and I am confident that you will find value in what I deliver.