Why I Became a Travel Advisor

Travel Business

“Are travel advisors even a thing anymore?” is usually the first question I get, quickly followed by, “Is it smart to become one in the middle of a pandemic?”. And finally, “Why do you want to do that?” I’m here to tell you…. 

Travel advisors are still out there

Travel advisors are still a “thing”, though the role has changed quite a bit from the travel agent of the past who simply booked travel and printed tickets. The internet put the ability to do those tasks into the hands of consumers. However, the internet has also made travel research and planning more complex, by offering too many choices.  Ever go down the rabbit hole of Trip Advisor reviews, only to come up 3 hours later just as confused about where to vacation as before you started? 

That’s where today’s travel advisor can step in. A trusted advisor becomes a partner to make travel planning and booking easier, saving you time and getting you more value and quality for your money.   She gets to know you and your travel preferences. This allows her to curate a personalized trip that delivers on all you wanted and more.  Instead of relying on internet reviews, a luxury travel advisor relies on long-standing relationships with the very best luxury travel companies in the world.

The pandemic made travel advisors more important

I believe now is the perfect time to become a travel advisor, as they are needed now more than ever. Traveling these days can be complex. Some countries require vaccinations, others do not.  Some require you to quarantine, others do not.  The USA requires a negative test to re-enter, but where do you do that in the middle of Mexico? And what happens if something goes bump and your travel plans change? These are just a few of the scenarios where a travel advisor can be a life-saver, helping you navigate the circumstances and keeping the process as streamlined as possible.

Why I became a travel advisor

I love to travel

I have always loved to travel.  After spending a college semester abroad in Seville, Spain and a subsequent summer backpacking across Europe, I was hooked on the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of travel.  Fashionable heels clacking on the streets of Rome, the waft of fresh bread being prepared in a Parisian boulangerie, twinkling city lights reflected in the canals of Amsterdam.  It was heaven to me. 

I want to inspire others to travel

I have experienced firsthand the transformative power of travel.  Ten years ago, my husband was offered a chance for our family to move abroad with his job. We jumped at the chance and embarked on the journey of a lifetime. We lived in London, England, Toronto, Canada and Sydney, Australia and had the pleasure of traveling to 15 countries more.  

Those years of adventures are filled with stories that have defined the very fabric of our family.  My children love to look through our travel pictures books and tell stories, remembering “that time when…..”. (Even now, at 15, 13 and 11, I will catch them flipping through the family photo albums when they are having a rough day.  I firmly believe that a strong family lore = a solid foundation for all kiddos). My wish is for everyone to be able to experience the world and create their own family adventures.

I love to help people

Finally, I simply love to help people. It’s funny to admit, but my high school Dairy Queen job is still one of my favorites.  There’s nothing like ice cream on a hot summer day to put a smile on someone’s face, and I loved being the provider of that.  Travel feels the same, acting as a balm to the stress-filled, chaotic lives we all lead.  I want to put smiles on others’ faces again, only this time via adventures in London, Italy, Thailand, and places all over the globe.

Contact me to talk about travel

If you are ready for some travel-induced smiles, reach out anytime! I am happy to chat and see if I’m a good fit for helping you plan your next trip.